Free Giveaway Now Until June 2nd!!!

Hey everyone! As you may know by now, this week is the ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY since my YA novel, Traffic Jam, hit the bookshelves, both physical and digital! In honor of this occasion, not only can you get an e-book copy for your Kindle or Nook for $0.99 but you can also enter into a giveaway to win a FREE hard copy of the book!
               That's right, people.
               A hard copy. One where you actually hold the book in your hand.
               One where you don't have to "charge" up your electronic device to finish reading.
               One where you turn the pages, like with your fingers because you can FEEL the paper beneath your skin!
               It's so yesterday, I know, but I don't think it will ever go out of style!!!

So on that note, head on over to Aeicha's awesome, cute-as-hell blog! There are books, cupcakes and more books and more cupcakes! And we all know about my small obsession with cupcakes...heh heh...
Check it out here, folks:
Leave a comment and you can enter to win a copy! 
Enjoy a book and a cupcake! On me!



Thanks to Becky Johnson of Bex n' Books for making this awesome ad!

E-books for $0.99 All This Week!!!

             Happy Memorial Day weekend, folks! How we all doing? A much-needed three-day weekend is en-route for all parties involved! And you know what this weekend also signifies? The one-year anniversary launch of my YA novel, TRAFFIC JAM!!!
             Now me, personally? I can't believe 12 months have gone by already. But here we are! So in honor of this momentus occasion: e-book copies of TRAFFIC JAM are on-sale RIGHT NOW for $0.99 at Amazon and Barnes & Noble! And it's going on all this week--until May 31st!!! So guess what, when you come back from the beach or the mountains or your in-laws and you need a vacation from your vacation, this sale will still be going on, waiting to help you recuperate!
              So fire up those Kindles and Nooks!
              Happy Reading!!!!


Third Book Coming Out!

I can't believe I haven't shared this news already! Dear people, my third book, tentatively titled, "Lights Out" has been accepted for publication by Black Opal Books!
I am so excited!!!! Hence the huge smiley face up above! This blog cannot contain my excitement! In fact, I have that smiley face BEAT because I'm smiling so hard, my face is going to crack!!!!
                     Cheers everyone! I will keep you posted on the progress!!!!

Sharing a Shelf with Mr. John Grisham!

So a friend of mine, Kelly Jameson, was trolling through the Doylestown Bookshop the other day. She saw my YA novel, "Traffic Jam" sitting on a shelf, just a book away from John Grisham, snapped a picture and posted it on Facebook! I've been squealing in excitement ever since! Truly awesome! Thanks, Kelly!!!

Between the Lines Blog Tour!

Hey guys! I'm happy to announce that my blog is just but one awesome stop along Jennifer Murgia's Between the Lines blog tour! Check out the tour banner below:

Pretty sweet, huh? I'm totally digging this cover, especially that curl of smoke along the left-hand side. I've had the honor and privilege of meeting Jennifer at the 2012 YAFest in Easton, Pennsylvania last year and I have to say that not only is she a truly gifted writer but she's a geniunely awesome person. And you want to know just how awesome? Check out this prize pack you can win:

by entering into this raffle drawing:
a Rafflecopter giveaway
It's a pretty kick-ass deal, folks---you could win a necklace, a free ebook, plus a collection of Sylvia Plath's poems! So come on in and have some fun!
Hey wait a second---here's Jennifer now, stopping in to say hello and to talk about the people who touch our lives:

I’ve met a number of people on my journey as an author. Authors,
bloggers, readers, librarians . . . it’s a long list, especially when I
start counting the characters in my books because, as funny as it
sounds, those characters have made a huge impact on my life. Some are
sweet and tender. Some are less than desirable. They mimic life -- have
personalities, quirks, problems, and are sometimes more human than the
people I know in reality. I’ve shaped them and molded them and given
them dimension. I can control who they meet, who they love, lose, speak
to . . . I just never expected how much they would shape me.

And while I can’t always control my own existence, I’m pretty darn lucky
to cross paths with some remarkable people – my publishers, my agent, my
Playlist Fiction sisters, my author friends. We come together like
pieces in a puzzle. We cross paths and connect (and yes, I’m shouting
out to Melissa here on her blog! I had the pleasure of meeting her at
YAFest 2012 and hope to see her again!)

We meet people for reasons unbeknownst to us, sometimes for a fleeting
moment, for a day, or for a year or two. They can be real. They can be
fictitious, but one thing is certain – real or not, that impact can last
a lifetime.

Thanks for stopping by, Jennifer! Always a pleasure and best of luck to you!