E-books for $0.99 All This Week!!!

             Happy Memorial Day weekend, folks! How we all doing? A much-needed three-day weekend is en-route for all parties involved! And you know what this weekend also signifies? The one-year anniversary launch of my YA novel, TRAFFIC JAM!!!
             Now me, personally? I can't believe 12 months have gone by already. But here we are! So in honor of this momentus occasion: e-book copies of TRAFFIC JAM are on-sale RIGHT NOW for $0.99 at Amazon and Barnes & Noble! And it's going on all this week--until May 31st!!! So guess what, when you come back from the beach or the mountains or your in-laws and you need a vacation from your vacation, this sale will still be going on, waiting to help you recuperate!
              So fire up those Kindles and Nooks!
              Happy Reading!!!!


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