Free Giveaway Now Until June 2nd!!!

Hey everyone! As you may know by now, this week is the ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY since my YA novel, Traffic Jam, hit the bookshelves, both physical and digital! In honor of this occasion, not only can you get an e-book copy for your Kindle or Nook for $0.99 but you can also enter into a giveaway to win a FREE hard copy of the book!
               That's right, people.
               A hard copy. One where you actually hold the book in your hand.
               One where you don't have to "charge" up your electronic device to finish reading.
               One where you turn the pages, like with your fingers because you can FEEL the paper beneath your skin!
               It's so yesterday, I know, but I don't think it will ever go out of style!!!

So on that note, head on over to Aeicha's awesome, cute-as-hell blog! There are books, cupcakes and more books and more cupcakes! And we all know about my small obsession with cupcakes...heh heh...
Check it out here, folks:
Leave a comment and you can enter to win a copy! 
Enjoy a book and a cupcake! On me!


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