It's in my hands!

Woo hoo!!! Look what came in the mail today!! It's so pretty!!! Another special thanks goes to Joey Onorato of Onorato Art & Design!!! You did a fantastic job, man!! Here's a link to his incredible website:
Cheers and happy reading, everybody!!!

It's here! It's here!

My new young adult novel, Traffic Jam, is here! Oh my God, I can't believe it! You can order it as an ebook for your Kindle or Nook or you can get a print copy off of Amazon or Barnes and!!! This is awesome! Happy reading, folks! Let me know what you think!!!

One More Day!!

Wow! Where is the time going? Traffic Jam is going to be available tomorrow!!! Can you believe it??? I know I can't!!!!

Win a Free Copy of Traffic Jam!

Morning gang!! Just a quick note to let you know that I'm being interviewed at today by the fabulous Lisa Taylor! Stop by, have a cupcake, and leave a comment and you could enter to win a free copy of my new young adult novel, Traffic Jam that's coming out THIS Saturday, May 26th 2012!! Cupcakes and free books! Is there any better combination than that?

Less than a week....

Gang--in less than a week, Traffic Jam, will be available to the masses!! Hang on to your hats!!!!

The bittersweet end of the blog tour...

Hey gang! Happy Wednesday! Well today is the official last day of my blog tour! To celebrate, I'm over at so feel free to stop by and chit-cat. I have to say I'm sad to see the tour end but the fun has only just begun! I'll continue to lurk here on my blog as well as on Facebook, Twitter, other blogs and ALL that fun stuff! So gear up, folks! The party is in full-swing and shows no sign of stopping!


Hey gang! Oh my GOD, my new young adult novel, Traffic Jam, is available for pre-ordering at Black Opal Books website:
Check it out!!!!!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Hey gang! Happy Cinco de Mayo! I was at the strawberry festival in Peddler's Village today and I was hugged by a man on stilts! I felt very special even though I didn't understand a single word he said because he was speaking in Spanish....