The aftershocks....

Oh man, raise your hand if your house still looks like this three days after Christmas....*sigh*

PS--I do not own this picture.

Mailbox Monday!

Hey everyone! Just so you know, Traffic Jam, is being featured on Jonathan Wilhoit's blog as a part of Mailbox Monday! Check it out here

My run-in with the law....

Hey gang! Today, I'm at the awesome blog of fellow author Christine Hughes! I'm chit-chatting about my run-in with the law that is the New York Bridge Authority. Follow the link to her blog, read with caution and take notes because the next victim could be YOU!

PS--I do not own this photograph!

In The Flesh....

Today, I came across this article about human trafficking in Argentina. It's about one woman, Susana Trimarco, whose search for her daughter has led her to shine a harsh spotlight upon the horrors of human trafficking. While Susana has helped free hundreds of women from the shackles of forced prostitution, she still has yet to find her daughter, who was kidnapped and who, Susana believes, has been sold into the sex trade. It's a fantastic article, shedding light once more on a subject that's been allowed to flourish for so long right under our noses, both within our country and out. The book I've written about this issue doesn't even compare to the real deal. I can only hope that Susana is at last successful in her quest for her missing child. Here's the link to the article:

Interview for Traffic Jam

Hey troops! So I wanted to share an interview that I participated in a few days ago. The awesome Jennifer Lafferty was kind enough to post the interview in two parts: one on Goodreads and the other on her Examiner column! Talk about spreading the love! Below are the links! Read on, folks!



December? Already???

Oh man, it's that time of year again....
You know it.
You've only been hearing about it since the week before Thanksgiving. Perhaps even before that.
Now, don't get me wrong. I love Christmas. I love the lights, the atmosphere, the cookies and even on some morbid level, the shopping. My only concern is HOW did it get here so quickly????
Wasn't I just at the beach yesterday? Wasn't I just wearing shorts and flip-flops and feeling the back of my shirt stick to me whenever I climbed out of my car?
When in the freaking world did Christmas even ARRIVE????
Time, my friends, is slipping away, faster and faster, like sand, like water, like anything slippery, between our fingers to puddle at our feet. It's sad, isn't it, when you look up, look in the mirror and realize that the person staring back at you looks kind of different? Not because you dyed your hair. Not because you're wearing make-up or you had your lip pierced but because of time going by. It's sad and tad bit scary.
So enjoy what you have now, folks. You only get one shot at this life. One shot.
Make it good.