Summer's slipping away from us...

It's sad but true, folks. The leaves are already beginning to change, it's staying darker a lot later in the morning (I only know this because I'm up at 5am), and those loud, annoying, rectangular-shaped carriers of school children have begun their hunts in earnest around the neighborhood. Am I happy about this? I'm not entirely sure. I love the fall. That means the holidays are coming. That means we can break out the fluffy blankets and the sweatshirts and the hot chocolate and smell the spice and crisp in the air. But I'll miss the summer. It sinks into your bones, makes you relax, maybe a little careless and what's better than driving with your car windows down?
Soak it up while there's still time, everyone. Seriously, because there's already Halloween stuff in the stores already.

Megan's Book Event for Children!

Hello folks! How're we doing on this fine August day? Wait...did I say August? Oh yeah, I did and you want to know why? Because August is almost OVER! September is right around the corner and you know what that means:
Most of you are probably dreading it, some of you might actually be excited about it. But there's one thing in common for school-lovers and haters alike: books.
        Whether you're an avid fan or not, books are an integral part of our lives. Which is why Megan McDade, the wonderful hostess of Children's Book Event is going to be hosting this awesomeness all September long! It's going to be a party, a celebration, a shin-dig, a get-together, a RAVE and it will be calling attention to chidren's books that we all know and love and even a few that we've never heard of before! There's going to be author and illustrator interviews, giveaways, guest posts (provided by myself and countless, talented others) and reviews! Oh, sweet reviews and hey look! I haven't even mentioned the fairytales yet because really, what's a children's book event without the fairytales?
        So hold on to your pants, people! The Children's Book Event is set to begin on September 1st! So if you're in the market for books for your kids or your sister's kids or your neighbors's kids or you just want to take a stroll down memory lane, stop on by!




Reading Away the Days...

Hey gang! Just wanted to let you know that I'm featured over at Reading Away the Days blog as this Friday's Young Adult Author! Stop on over and say hi! There might be brownies....follow this link and brownie crumbs.....


Booktowne Party!

Hi gang! How is this fine August day treating you? As you can see I've posted pictures from my recent book launch party that was held at Booktowne on August 11th and I have to say, it was a blast! So many people showed up to give me such love and support and Booktowne? Yeah, the place rocks! It's right smack in the center of Manasquan, New Jersey surrounded by awesome shops, boutiques and restaurants with the best food...not to mention this incredibly delicious cupcake bakery right across the street! But I'm getting sidetacked (thoughts of lemon cupcakes are clouding my mind).

So, yes, the book party--it was such a great time and Rita, the book store's owner is a doll and Laurel, an employee who was also present was so sweet! Rita introduced me to everyone, set out water and cookies and welcomed all of us so warmly. She then introduced my book, Traffic Jam and from there, multiple questions and answers were tossed around, pictures were taken, laughter and chatter filled the store, I swear, the only thing missing was a band and cocktails!

A big, hearty thanks to everyone at Booktowne (Rita, Maribeth and Laurel) and especially to all those who came out! I appreciate it so much! Happy reading and see you all again soon!

Traffic Jam Launch Party!

Traffic Jam Book Launch

Another Traffic Jam event is abound! This Saturday, August 11th, I will be in Manasquan, New Jersey at an awesome little bookstore aptly named, Booktowne! I will be there from 1-3pm, mingling with folks, talking about my book, doing a little bit of reading and of course, enjoying some refreshments. So if you're in the area or if you feel the urge to get in your car and take a drive, stop by Booktowne! The beach isn't too far away either and really? Books and a beach? Is there any better combination than that? If you think of one, let me know! Until then, see you in Booktowne!

Results of the Young Adult Book Festival 2012

Good people! I must gloat! I must brag! I must share! The Young Adult Book Festival 2012 in Easton, Pennsylvania on August 4th was a SMASH! I'll even go as far as to say it was a smash AND A HALF! And yes, I'm being rude and writing in caps because I cannot accurately convey the fun and the sheer good times we all had! The authors, the library staff, the kids that were there--it was all so amazing! And what could be more amazing than something that says "Author" like the picture at the top of these words! I wore that tag proudly and I still wore it even after the festival was over, when myself and friends and family went Diner 248 to celebrate with drinks and good grub! Now I'll admit, the first few people who came up to my table and asked what my book was about were subjected to a bit of stammering and stuttering because honestly? I've never done ANYTHING like this before. But as the day wore on and more and more people came by, it got easier and it helped to have so many magnificent authors around me to help ease the nervousness...not to mention the family members and friends who so graciously stopped by! I can't thank everyone enough for allowing me to participate in this event and for supporting me all this way and beyond!
Cheers, folks! You've earned it!

Young Adult Book Festival 2012 is here!

It's finally here! The Young Adult Book Festival 2012 is here in Easton, Pennsylvania on August 4, 2012! Festivities start at 11 and end at 3! There will be authors, baked goods, raffle winnings, fun times and quite possibly, shenanigans of all types! So bring the kids, come by yourself and grab a good book to lose yourself in! Hope to see you there!