Results of the Young Adult Book Festival 2012

Good people! I must gloat! I must brag! I must share! The Young Adult Book Festival 2012 in Easton, Pennsylvania on August 4th was a SMASH! I'll even go as far as to say it was a smash AND A HALF! And yes, I'm being rude and writing in caps because I cannot accurately convey the fun and the sheer good times we all had! The authors, the library staff, the kids that were there--it was all so amazing! And what could be more amazing than something that says "Author" like the picture at the top of these words! I wore that tag proudly and I still wore it even after the festival was over, when myself and friends and family went Diner 248 to celebrate with drinks and good grub! Now I'll admit, the first few people who came up to my table and asked what my book was about were subjected to a bit of stammering and stuttering because honestly? I've never done ANYTHING like this before. But as the day wore on and more and more people came by, it got easier and it helped to have so many magnificent authors around me to help ease the nervousness...not to mention the family members and friends who so graciously stopped by! I can't thank everyone enough for allowing me to participate in this event and for supporting me all this way and beyond!
Cheers, folks! You've earned it!

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