Nasty-Looking Day? How About Some Tea?

The sky is jammed with clouds. The once-beautiful foliage is being ripped away from the branches by a bone-chilling wind. You're wrapped up in a huge sweatshirt, sweatpants and heavy socks and seriously, there is no way you're going outside. For any reason.
Let's have some tea.
My personal favorite comes from The Talking Teacup. It's a black tea called "Snowflake." Infused with bits of coconut, it smells and tastes heavenly. I know not everyone likes coconut. It's actually pretty hard to find someone who does and in this tea, the coconutty taste is not overpowering. So even if you're not a fan of coconut, I think you could get through a cup of this with no problem. And if the taste isn't coconutty enough, hell, chomp down on a Mounds bar!
What's your favorite tea on a blustery fall day?

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  1. There many classes of tea. Sometimes it is served hot and at times its cold.