A 30-Second Gym Conversation

            Most people don’t go to the gym to talk. They go to sweat. They go to grunt. They go to take care of that slab of triple-layer chocolate cake they ate the night before. Verbal exchanges among the weight machines, treadmills and high-octane aerobics classes are few and far between.
            But every now and then, you’ll get into a conversation with someone. Not these long-winded, meaning-of-life types of talks. But simple, slightly awkward bits of sharing that may or may not leave you scratching your head wondering, why did that complete stranger just share that with me?
            The other day, I had a man explain to me that he was a victim of a violent crime. In total surprise, I said,
            No, really, I had to ask him to repeat it because I wasn’t sure I heard right. So this is what he told me.
            “I was a victim of a violent crime. I spent six months in the hospital. The guy who attacked me with a baseball bat did six months in jail. I got out of the hospital at the same time he was released from jail and he ended up getting killed himself in a violent crime.”
            “Oh man,” was all I could say.
            “Yeah. I suffer from short-term memory loss so I won’t remember having this conversation with you. But it was nice talking to you.”
            He held out his hand and I shook it, thinking,
            I will definitely remember you though, sir.

Got a strange, funny or weirdly creepy gym story? Feel free to share in the comments below! Would love to hear from you!

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