She knew him...

He jerked her head back. The knife was steady, sharp against the thin flesh of her throat. He lowered his face to hers.
     "You don't know me," he snarled quietly.
She blinked up at him, trying to ignore the ache in her neck muscles. When she swallowed, it was an audible sound and one side of his mouth curled up.
     "I do," came her reply.
     "No. You don't."
She craned her neck to look him in the eye. The movement sliced her throat but she didn't flinch. Blood swelled, beading like gemstones before starting a lazy journey down her neck. Only then did a crack of uncertainty flutter across his face.
     "Eyes like sea glass," she whispered.
He paled.
     "And a smile so rarely used." She licked her lips. "But when it showed, it was like standing in the sun."
     The hand in her hair loosened.
     "I do know you," she murmured.
His breath shook.
     "You're the man who stole my brother's heart."

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