A Heart for Valentine's Day

She always nagged him.
No matter what he did, it was never high enough, low enough, far enough, deep enough, you don't love me enough.
Well, he had something right here to prove her wrong.
It was messy, sure. Stains probably won't come out of the carpet and he was certain that would be something else for her to bitch about.
But when she saw what he had for her...she would finally understand. She could finally get it, get him. She would finally believe him when he told her he loved her more than life itself.
Of course, he'd have to get the hole fixed. He didn't want to die of infection, for God's sakes.
He smiled at the jar in his hands. The blood smears couldn't be helped but still.
She was going to love it.


  1. OMG,Melissa you write great dark flash fiction. I love it and your other story, too :)

    You know me, the darker the better, LOL

  2. That's one nutso guy. Thanks for the disturbing image for Valentines Day. Great piece.