Sharing Some Love Through a Blog Hop!

It’s clearly time for a blog hop and thanks to the amazing Debbie Christiana, I have much hopping to do. Now I’m sure you all have heard me mention Debbie before…or Debster, as I’ve taken to calling her (I shall take this time to apologize, Debbie, if you don’t like your nickname). She’s written a fantastic book called, Solstice that’s full of witchcraft, love, thrills and chills and a few steamy sex scenes thrown in for good measure. I also had the honor and privilege of meeting her in NYC and man, did she make me laugh. She still does! Talent and sheer awesomeness…what a combination!

So going back to the blog-hopping. The purpose of this blog hop is to tag three authors and share their work and then they in turn tag 3 more authors on their blogs and so on and so forth! Plus, there are 4 pertinent questions that need answering in regards to my work. It’s a delightful cycle, sharing books and authors for any and all!

Now first up, we have the wonderfully talented Jennifer Gibson. She currently has a series out now that tells the story of a young girl who is gradually losing her hearing and the stigmata that comes along with it. Aimed at the young adult genre, it’s refreshing to see a strong girl fighting her way through life without the annoying presence of sparkling vampires and bare-chested boys who turn into werewolves. Apology to all the Twi-Hards out there. *ducks and hides from mad mob"

Second, we have new-comer Megan Cyrulewski. Her new book, Who Am I? tells the painful journey of her divorce, a child custody battle and postpartum depression. It’s being released by Black Opal Books this year so fire up those Kindles and Nooks, folks! The wait will soon be over! I'll be featuring Megan here on my blog during the coming weeks so we can get the full story behind this talented writer.

And last be not least, we have the lovely Leslie Wright. I had the pleasure of meeting Leslie at the same time I met Debbie Christiana so you can imagine the sheer blast of fun we had that night…I still remember the waiter we had with that pompadour. It was the most perfectly-sculpted head of hair I’ve ever seen. But I digress! Just a few short days ago, Leslie has re-released her thriller, Basement Level 5: Never Scared by Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly Publishing. It’s so exciting and the cover is gorgeous! I will be spotlighting this pulse-pounding book here on my blog within the next few days! So much excitement and so little time!

Now ready for some serious question-answering? Here we go:

What am I working on?
Currently I’m working on a thriller called, “Two Evils.” It’s a creepy, borderline-crazy plot that begs the question just how much of the truth we can bear. Or should we go along, blissfully unaware, intentionally ignoring it for fear of upsetting the apple cart?

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I tend to write about things that make people uncomfortable. I’m not exactly sure why that is. My stories gravitate towards topics that we, as a society, know exists but never acknowledge until it’s shoved down our throats. And even then, people are so quick to write them off as “other people’s problems” or “other countries’ problems.” I didn’t pull any punches when I wrote “Lights Out.” It deals with control, power, fear, intimidation, all the things that most people either want or can do without. Putting my characters in situations that society would love to hide from is a lot of fun and tends to stray off the beaten path.

Why do I write what I do?
I have no idea. I’ve asked myself that so many times and I still draw a blank.

How does your writing process work?
My writing process is a lot like going shopping. You either find something you like or you don’t. There’s always something churning around in my head but it takes a while to see what sticks enough to give me an idea for a story. I used to work on several stories at a time before I realized that was just a bad idea. Now it’s simply one story at a time and it fills my head up until it’s ready to pop off my shoulders. Then I just gnaw at it like a bone until it’s finally out of my system. And who knows how long that will take?




  1. Thanks Melissa! That was such a great night!!

  2. Thanks, Melissa! I love Debster, don't worry :) We had a great time that night and it was wonderful to meet everyone! Lights Out is a great, great read. I'll have my review today or tomorrow. Everyone should check it out!

  3. Melissa, I love your blog layout and am super jealous that you got to meet "Debster" and Leslie in NYC. We need to do an outing like that, all the BOB girls because I would love to see NYC, errr, I mean you chics :D
    As for your writing: I think it's mighty awesome of you to explore topics others tend to sweep under the rug. More power to you!