What Do You Say....

....when a five-year-old tells you he doesn't think people will like him? Your first thought is, "What's not to like? He's adorable, sweet, he shares his toys? What in the world is not to like?"
     But are other kids as sweet? Will other kids be willing to share their toys? It's the kind of question you would expect a pre-teen or a teenager to ask. But a five-year-old? If differences are established at such a young age, how do we expect anyone to ever get along? Why do we continue with these anti-bullying programs at school yet you'll still read about a defeated thirteen-year-old hanging from the rod in the closet? What kind of parents are raising a kid who points out a difference of someone else then shies away from it? And then we expect these same kids to be understanding and sympathetic as they get older.
Where does it start?
At home.
Not at school. Not at pre-K care. At home. You can't expect a teacher to take the reins on this one . You can't expect a day-care worker to do the same. It starts in your house, with your morals. If you had a five-year-old boy coming home to you, saying, not asking but saying he doesn't think anyone will like him.....what do you say?

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