Mocha in a Fancy Glass at Cafe V-Dal

It's not every day where you walk into a cafe, order a mocha and it comes out in a fancy-shmancy glass. For some reason, this is like the equivalence of getting an upgrade without asking it. Even when I go into a bar and order a whiskey shot and it's placed before me a heavy, crystal shot glass, I can't help but grin like a maniac and think,
"Now this is gonna go down good."
Who knew that the holder of said mocha or whiskey could make either taste that much better? The shot glass was cold, adding an extra bite to the whiskey. The glass for my mocha was comfortably warm while I stirred it with the spoon and I could see the milk and the coffee swirl together in a pale kaleidoscope of tasty goodness. 
Now don't get the wrong idea here. Cafe V-Dal does not sell booze but their mochas, you simply have to try, Paired up with one of their oven-warm croissants and it's exactly what you need for a mid-day snack. Be sure to sit by the window too, in the afternoon because the sun simply pours in and you'll sit there, like a content cat. 
You may even start purring...

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