To Dream of New Orleans Beignets!

A few years ago, I had the honor and pleasure of visiting New Orleans with my friends. Upon my return to the frigid Northeast, I told myself (and many others) that if I were to EVER move to New Orleans, it would be for the food, the whole food and nothing but the food.
Because the food down there is ridiculous and so good and so.....heavenly.
Until recently, I've been unable to find a decent replication of the ever-famous beignet. Then I was bought to the Grand Lux Cafe and holy good God, my friend and I positively tackled this basket of scrumptious beignet goodness. From the buttery flakes to the dusting of powdered sugar to the three choices of dipping sauces, it was a feast of dynamic proportions. Coupled with a whipped-cream-slathered hot mocha, I was transported back to the mellow, easy streets of New Orleans, complete with the casual gait of both tourists and locals and jazzy music that soothed the spurs in my soul. 

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