What's a Weekend Without Pastries?

Nothing spells W-E-E-K-E-N-D like delicious pastries! 
And I know, I know, everyone's getting ready their beach bodies ready but look, the longer you deny yourself, the harder it'll get to resist when someone shoves a cupcake in your face.
Am I right or what?
So, not to be an enabler or anything but here are some of the scrumptious treats I indulged in this weekend because, honestly, I have zero impulse control:

These cupcakes can be found at Alice's Bakery and Confectionary!

And these tasty cup of tea (black tea, strawberries, orange peels and sprinkes--yay!) paired with this equally-mouth-watering scone can be enjoyed at The Talking Teacup!

Let it be known that I am always on the look-out for new bakeries, coffee shops (besides Starbucks *wink*) and tea houses so if you've got one near you, leave a comment!

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