Cupcakes vs Muffins: An Epic Battle

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            Is a cupcake really just a muffin beneath all that icing?
            Is a muffin really a cupcake without all the fancy window dressing?
            Can you be pro-cupcake while being anti-muffin? Or pro-muffin and anti-cupcake?
            Is it possible to enjoy both?
            It’s hard to know where to draw the line, if indeed a line should be drawn at all. Cupcakes and muffins have long since been at war with one another. One is well-regarded as an irresistible treat to be enjoyed at any moment, day or night, while the other is simply relegated to a certain time of the day, which is usually the a.m. with a cup of coffee or maybe a glass of orange juice.
            There are also flavors to consider. Take a carrot cake cupcake, most likely topped off with cream cheese icing. Carrots are a vegetable, right? And yet, here it is, swirled into a treat that is held in perhaps what some may consider as a higher standing than a muffin. Now let’s take a double-chocolate, chocolate chip muffin, no icing needed. No vegetables, either. Yet, it’s to be enjoyed in the morning and somehow is much more decadent than a carrot cake cupcake.
            Is this fair?
            Can this justify the battle between such delicious treats? The crumbs that are left behind? The paper sleeves balled up and tossed away? Can this even explain the carefully-avoided fact that cupcakes are made in muffin tins?
            The battle is on-going.
            Delicious, but on-going nonetheless.

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