GIVEAWAY TIME! **Now Closed***

And why?
Because Halloween's coming and that means CANDY!
You all know my sweet tooth is legendary so what better way to celebrate the sweetness in the time of chills, thrills and screams?
So okay. Let's lay down some rules. Yes, rules. I know, I know, I don't like them either but sometimes they're necessary.
For this giveaway, my thriller LIGHTS OUT is on sale for $0.99! YAY!
All you have to do is purchase a copy, send me your verified purchase code and be entered into a drawing for this:

How CUTE is this thing? How can a ghost be any cuter than this? Yep, it's an adorable throw pillow (dimensions are 16'' x 16'') and not only that, but look at the back of it:
Happy ghost on the front and sad ghost on the back!
Who knew Halloween was totally capable of cuteness!
Now, I know LIGHTS OUT has been out for a while now (2013 to be exact, ugh, where IS the time going?) so for those you who already have a copy, whether it be an ebook or a hard copy, send me a pic of your smiling face along with your copy of LIGHTS OUT (again, ebook or hard copy, doesn't matter) and you can enter to win as well!
You can send me your verified purchase codes and/or your pics on this blog post, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, wherever you can find me!
Oh and did I mention a $10 gift card to Starbucks? No? Well, let's throw that in as well, shall we? Nothing like sipping on a hot beverage while relaxing on a ghosty pillow!
I'm going to keep this giveaway running through Halloween until November 3rd so good luck, peeps and Happy Halloween!

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