A Dash of Valentine's Day Madness (bite of flash fiction)

Things are never what they seem...especially online...
(disclaimer: I do not own this image)
                “No, but he still thinks I’m a seventeen-year-old cheerleader,” Jon cackled into his cell phone.
                “What a moron,” Vinnie laughed over the line. “What girl would ever go for a redneck?”
                Jon scrolled through Brianna Fords’ profile. Her list of friends had grown considerably since last week after he decided to change her profile picture. It was amazing what a bit of cleavage could do. He couldn’t believe how gullible people were. A girl like her? Seventeen, blonde hair, big blue eyes, gymnastics star and head cheerleader and she was single?
                Not a chance.
                But he’d made her that way. Brianna Fords was a girl of his own creation and he was going to fool all these bastards, just like he’d been fooled all those months ago.
              “Well, she’s pretty freaking popular, I’ll tell you that,” he said now. “You should see all the guys that messaged her.”
                “Yeah, the gamers, the losers and the creeps.”
                “Once I post my dick pic, they’ll get it.”
                “And sometimes not even then.”
Jon chuckled. “Desperation abound, my friend, especially with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. I think I would pay to see the looks on their faces when they find out she’s not even real.”
                Ding! Ding-ding!
                “Oh, hang on, man. Incoming messages from the redneck.”
Jon clicked on them then went very still. “Oh shit,” he hissed.
                “What?” Vinnie said. “Dude, what did he say?”
                “He just sent me a picture.”
                “Did he send you a dick pic?” Vinnie guffawed.
                “No. I mean, yes, he sent me a picture but it’s not…it’s not of his dick.”
Vinnie scoffed in impatience. “Well, what is it?”
                “The front of my house.”
                What? Wait, he’s there? Jon---”
                The doorbell rang.

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