Horror Bites Challenge #19

So a good writing friend of mine (ahem, Debbie Frisenda Christiana ) told me about this Horror Bites Challenge and being of like-minded horror-ness, I took part in said challenge. I can't thank you enough, Debster. You're constantly shoving plot bunnies at me and I just can't say no!
Anyway, based on the picture below, what kind of horror can you generate that's between 250-300 words? It doesn't have be blood, guts and galore all over the place but just something that makes you look twice at that pool of shadow standing in the corner of your bedroom....
See below:

            This place was supposed to be empty! his brain screamed unhelpfully as he leapt down the steps.
            The staircase creaked and groaned beneath his pounding feet. It spiraled into total darkness. He’d dropped his flashlight somewhere upstairs—where the hell had that woman come from—and he blindly descended at a breakneck pace.
            Around and around he went, feeling along the wall, his breath hissing through his teeth.
            Above his head, at the top of the tower, a door banged open.
He stopped. With sweaty palms, he gripped the railing and leaned over. He looked up.  
            Faint light shone above his head.
            A shadow moved In front of it. The staircase trembled as whoever—whatever—it was, began to descend.
            He never made it to the bottom.



  1. I'm so glad you found us, loved the speed of this tale. Gripping to the very end.

  2. Yes, I agree; very snappy and punchy. Love that last line. x