Trips and Signings!

So here I am again, slacking in my blogging duties. I have no excuses but I will tell you, back in May I had the pleasure of setting sail to Alaska! It was absolutely fantastic!!! I've been telling everyone that they need to get up there before all the glaciers melt.
There were so many awesome things to see, to hear, to smell.'d never think it was a part of the United States. It stands alone...literally and figuratively. The air is different somehow--not only does it smell cleaner but you seem to breathe it in a little easier too. The smell of pine, of clear water, so blue from the glaciers, it makes your eyeballs bleed. We were fortunate to be aboard one of the "smaller" cruise ships so that we could get into those harder-to-reach areas off the coast. All the little inlets and such.
Image opening your balcony curtains to see this:
To me, this is something out of a novel--the fog, the barely-rippling water, the chilly air.
And seeing a bald eagle in its natural environment?
Or coming back to your cabin and finding one of these critters:
Yup! He's made from towels!
What would be a cruise without a little sampling of these:
Granted, they were a little small for my taste but oh, were they delicious. And while we sat there and indulged in cupcake goodness, right outside our window came this:
It was so unexpected and a woman sitting across from me had just gotten done saying that she hadn't seen any wild life yet!
Seriously peeps, get yourself up there immediately. It's literally one of America's last frontiers and you know something this beautiful never lasts forever.

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