Saw this today...

So I saw the above quote today while cruising through Pinterest.
Quite frankly, I laughed out loud. All you writers out there, don't deny it, you've definitely done this before. Anyone who's pissed you off, frustrated you, invoked revenge fantasies or someone who was just plain ol' rude to you, oh yes, you will have that sweet, sweet, ice-cold revenge. And why not? It's better to do it on a page rather than for real, we all know that. As irritating and outrageous as many of these rude people are, we need them, don't we? We need them to inspire our villains, our pain-in-the-ass characters, those people in our pages who inspire such annoying developments into our stories that we can barely stop ourselves from smashing our fists through the computer monitor.
And as we're dealing with these nibbling pinches and picks through-out our day and I'm standing in the middle of a group of co-workers, imagining my boss as a rampaging baboon because seriously her laugh sounds like one, I can't help but think, no, she won't make it into my book but her laugh sure as hell will.

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