The Aftermath....

....and so here we are, a week following YAFest 2014 and my throat is still sore. Now, I'm a talker but man, at these functions, there is NO telling how many people you'll actually meet until you look up and the line is going OUT THE DOOR!
I can't even begin to describe how much fun this event was. The Palmer Library in Easton, Pennsylvania is truly one of the best places on Earth to host this event....did I mention that the whole thing was free of charge?! It didn't cost anyone to get in the door and it didn't cost an author anything to sit and chat with all these wonderful kids (and adults) that came up to our tables. I was lucky enough to meet so many people of all ages, the youngest being so shy and awkward at first but then after a few moments, they completely light up...especially when they start talking about books!
Oh, glorious books!
And that wasn't even at the height of how many people showed up. I was tempted to start crowd-surfing! The volunteers had to practically climb over people to get where they had to go!
It was such a fun time. This event has grown so much since the first time it was held back in 2012. Here's hoping for another one next year!

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