I am so excited! The Doylestown Bookshop is now carrying copies of my YA novel, TRAFFIC JAM! This bookstore is located smack-dab in the center of downtown Doylestown, Pennsylvania, in the midst of boutiques, spas, jewelry stores, restaurants and the one and only: Starbucks. It's a great town to visit; awesome vibes, lots of shopping and of course, books! So if you're in the Montgomeryville, PA area or Bucks County or hey, even Berks County, stop on by the Doylestown Bookshop and get your copy today! It's actually sitting ON A SHELF! 
Right now!
Among other books!
In a bookstore!


Introducing our winner to the TRAFFIC JAM GIVEAWAY! 
He receives a free e-book copy of TRAFFIC JAM! 
Special thanks go to Tessa Stokes for putting this giveaway together! 
You can check out her blog here:
Thanks to everyone who participated! 

Win a FREE Copy of TRAFFIC JAM!!!

Well folks, the TRAFFIC JAM GIVEAWAY is underway this weekend! Stop by Tessa Stokes' blog, leave a comment and enter to win a FREE e-book copy of my young adult novel, TRAFFIC JAM! There's an exciting excerpt posted as well as my interview...a little bit of a get-to-know-ya type of thing! So don't be shy! Head on over to and go nuts!


Traffic Jam Giveaway!!!

Hello everyone! I hope you've all recovered from that story last week about coffee cups being occupied by members of the stinkbug persuasion. *shudders* So this post is dedicated to something a little less's a TRAFFIC JAM GIVEAWAY!!! The wonderful Tessa Stokes is hosting me on her blog this weekend--isn't that awesome? I'll be there all this weekend--Saturday, February 23rd to Monday, February 25th! Leave a comment and you can enter to win a free e-book copy of TRAFFIC JAM! So swing on by and say hi! A free book may be in your immediate future! Here's the link to Tessa's blog:

Hope to see you there!

A funny story....

I have a story to tell you that has nothing to do with winter, snow, Nemo or shoveling. This pretty picture above notwithstanding, what I'm about to tell you could gross you out so I'm advising anyone with a heart condition to cease reading immediately.
Now to start off....I was not present at the time the catastrophe occurred. I was told this story second-hand but being cursed with an overactive imagination allowed it to unfold in my head like a bad horror movie. Maybe along the lines of Chucky and any of the Saw movies (there were seven of them, weren't there? Take your pick.)
So here's what happened. My mom was making my dad a cup of coffee. Simple enough, right? Now my dad likes to drink his java out of travel cups and these particular travels cups are black inside, to hold in the heat of the beverage which in any other situation would be pretty ingenious, right?
In this particular case, the black inside worked against all parties involved.
So my mom pours the coffee into the cup and puts it in the microwave to heat it up.
Time ticks down and the microwave goes off.
Beverage is hot and ready to be serve....except it's not.
It's not because there is this horrible stench coming from the cup when my mom takes it out of the microwave. She's gagging at this point, wondering out loud, "What in the world happened here?"
She looks into the cup, sees nothing but black-on-black. She puts the spoon in and starts to stir.              
Something bobs to the surface.
My mom freezes.
And what's floating along on its back? Charbroiled and coffee-soaked?
A stinkbug.

Screaming and gagging ensue.
I don't think you need an overactive imagination to picture that, right?

A word to the wise: check the inside of your cups! You never know what may be lurking!