Week of Teasers!

Good people! Hello there! I've decided that the upcoming week will be known as...
As you know...or maybe you don't know but my new book, Lights Out will be alive and breathing on December 7th, 2013. So to commemorate this awesome event, I've decided to run a bunch of teasers from the book all this week on Facebook, leading up to the COVER REVEAL on November 17th! From there, I'll be running a little giveaway--a $20 Amazon gift card---to be given to anyone who comments on my blog about the book cover! Things like, "Do you like it?" or "Do you loathe it?" or "Does it make your head hurt?" or "What the hell is this horse s***?" Whatever your heart desires as long as it's about the book cover! And from all of you who leave a comment, I will put your names in a hat, draw one and presto! You're $20 richer--Amazon-style!
Does this sound like a plan or what?
Seriously, a week full of teasing?
I hope we can handle it!

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