Creeeeeepy excerpt from Lights Out...

 Okay guys---as you know LIGHTS OUT will be available for your greedy little hands on December I think it's time to post an excerpt....

"The air grew colder and with that came the struggle to breathe. He didn’t know if it was clau...strophobia but it came pretty damn close. His chest hurt and his throat felt like someone was cramming cotton into his mouth. He tried to breathe slowly, to at least calm the thundering in his rib cage, but the darkness around him fed the panic that was skating through his bones. The stones beneath his fingers were wet in some places and icy in others and, under his feet, things crunched and squeaked like he was stepping through snow and ice.
He hoped it was snow and ice.
Echoes came from all sides of him. It was impossible to decipher one sound from the next. He wondered if people who heard voices were anything like this. Just one gigantic ball of murmuring sounds and words that didn’t make any sense.
There was a scraping sound behind him."
Let me know what you think!


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