There is some kind of epidemic....

            Ack! Finally! I'm on my blog! I've been slacking, big-time! As most of you know, I've been ass-deep in edits for my next book, Lights Out. This thing is a monster. It truly is and it's getting longer by the day. And to think I'm only halfway through with this round and I've got 2 more rounds of edits AFTER this one! I want to cry but why should I? This is what I want to do, isn't it? Why am I complaining? So okay! Enough of this crying and pissing and moaning!
            Onto bigger and better things!
            See that picture at the top?
            Yeah. That's right.
           Those scrumptious little circles are lemon cookies.
There is clearly an epidemic of lemonic proportions because within the last few weeks, I've seen countless of recipes that call for lemons! And I'm not just talking about desserts either (although my sister found this really good recipe for lemons bars....), I'm talking about everything! Lemons on meat, lemons on veggies, lemons in beverages...well, wait, lemons have always kind of been in beverages, haven't they?
           Well, lemons are the fruit of the month anyway!
           Makes me want to grow a lemon tree.
           How hard can that be?
          But what happens when the lemon fad is over? What do I do? Pull a George Washington and cut it down?
           I think I'll leave the lemon-growing to the professionals. But those lemon cookies....those I will have to try!

         Until next time I crawl out of the editing cave, folks!



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