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So it's been quite a number of years since the Calvin & Hobbes comic strip ceased productions, which, I have to say, was a very sad time. Not a day had gone by when I didn't flip open the newspaper to find out what kind of trouble Calvin was getting into at school or at the dinner table or just how far his sneakers would fly off his feet when Hobbes pounced on him, stealthy stuffed tiger that he is. But I have to say that the above picture, one that I do not own in any way, shape or form, comdensed my absolute love for that comic strip and my most recent obsession with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.
I find it somewhat disheartening that being from New Jersey that I'm only now just discovering how awesome the Boss is and how passionate he is with his music, with his views of the world and how at being in his sixties, he's still sexy as hell and can still put on one hell of a show.
I think my next mission in life, aside from cranking out another book, is to attend a Springsteen concert---just to be able to exist in the midst of all that energy, just to be able to listen, to stand against the massive wall of sound and let that gravelly voice pound at my eardrums and skate down my spine to my toes.
A Springsteen concert.
That's a fabulous idea.
And guess what I'm listening to right now on my iPod: "I'm On Fire."


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