Third Week of The Children's Book Event!

Good people! The third week of The Children's Book Event is now in session! Okay, I know I'm a little late. The third week is practically over but in my defense, I was at the beach. And you know what happens at the beach? A whole lot of vegging out, eating, drinking, dozing, reading, drinking some more and....yeah. Repeat cycle. Rinse. Repeat again.
So moving on! This week's question centers around memories of growing up and having my parents read to me; followed by: do you think it's important for parents to read to their children?
            So, okay, first things first. Do I recall my parents reading to me? Just barely. And not because they didn't but because I honestly don't remember. But they must've because how else did I become such a bookworm????
             Now the second question. My answer to that is H*** YES! If you'll pardon the language, I feel very strongly about this one. Reading is an integral part of just being. You have to know how to read and not just emails, text messages and status updates on Facebook. Reading is equal to learning. Reading is equal to escape. Reading is equal to experiencing different things by way of the page. Everything has a beginning, middle and an end and reading is first and foremost in that statement. As I sit here typing this and glancing around the room I'm currently sitting in, I am surrounded by books. Actual books, not e-books, not Kindles or Nooks. But rectangular-shaped things with pages inside. Now aside from my personal preference, I think it's very important for parents to read to their children. Not only does it help the children read themselves and use their imagination and brain-power but it offers parent and child a chance to bond. In this day and age, bonding is extremely hard to do with so many distractions. We have to make exceptions. We have to push away from our computers and put down our iPads and establish or re-establish human contact. Whether it's through conversation and a book. It must be done.
                  So quit reading this blog and go pick up a book!

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