Second Week of Children's Book Event!

Here we are, folks! The second week of the Children's Book Event has now commenced! So what is this week's question, you ask? It is as follows:
What was your favorite book as a child and why?
For those of you who know me, my answer to this question will probably come as no surprise. In fact, you'll probably say, "Well, that explains a lot." But okay, all joking aside, my favorite book was Phantoms by Dean Koontz. This was the first book I read by him---which made me an avid fan of his---and it was the one, out of all of his books, that I've always remembered the most and not just because I read it so many times. It was gruesome. It was gory. It unfolded in a way that gave you the impression that a piano was hanging over your head by a fraying rope. Koontz always had a way with the words he put down on the page. In just a few simple sentences, he could make a character leap off of a page. He could show you an isolated town. He could show you the bleak misery of what befell the town's inhabitants. And man, was it scary. That's what I liked most about the book. The ripple of fear that would travel through me during a particularly shadowy scene kept me coming back. Even to this day, I still love scary books but I find that most haven't lived up to Phantoms.
Although I am open to suggestions....

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