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Hey gang! Guess what? I have the honor and privilege of reading and reviewing Kaitlin Bevis' novel, Persephone, Daughters of Zeus and I have to say, what a piece of work! Please see below for my "official" (pretty fancy, huh?) review of this great book. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy! It's available at Goodreads and also for your Kindle! Read on, citizens!

4 out of 5 stars

“The drive the living has to always do more, get more and conquer more dies with us.”

That’s just one of the many awesomely-stirring lines from Kaitlin Bevis’ debut novel, Persephone—Daughters of Zeus. Like most books, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading. I knew the name Persephone from mythology but that was as far as it went. And I’ll tell you what, I was not expecting Bevis to take Persephone’s back story and add such a fun, modern twist to it.
The plot centers around Kora (whose first name is Persephone but she goes by her middle name for reasons that you will find out as you read). She’s in high school, a vegan and for all intents and purposes seems to be your average, run-of-the-mill teenager. Until she and you, the reader, realizes that she isn’t.
I don’t want to give away the story line although I’m sure you can probably guess. But what I will tell you is that this story will completely suck you in. The character interaction and their dialogue absolutely sparkle and I found myself laughing out loud multiple times. Although there were several times where I wished Bevis put in a little more detail, the unfolding of the story is paced well and the characters are leaping off the pages so boldly that you’re more interested in what they’re saying rather than the scenery. I can’t stress enough the excellent control Bevis has over the conversations, the beliefs and the inner workings of a world that are literally on a different plane of reality.

 This book is the first of a trilogy and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for these amazing characters.


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