Book Review Time!!!

One of the many awesome things about being a writer is connecting with other writers. It’s amazing how one thing can bring so many different people together. I know that sounds hokey but hey, it’s the simple truth. So with that in mind and through the miracle of technology, I’ve had the honor and privilege of connecting with a terrific writer from London, Ontario. Her name is Bev Irwin and did I mention that she’s terrific? No? Well, she is. She let me read and review her new young-adult novel, Ghostly Justice, which is coming out tomorrow!
            This book, as you can probably guess by the title is a paranormal story and told from fifteen-year-old Daria’s point of view. Daria is smart, self-efficient and suddenly blessed (or is it cursed?) with the ability to see and talk to ghosts. I liked her right-off-the-bat because she wasn’t some weepy, superficial snob that a lot of teenage girls seem to be nowadays (both in real life and in stories, books, etc.). So Daria is a refreshing change. She has to deal with many grown-up issues such as her mother’s problems which range from drinking too much to man troubles. In fact, her mother’s current boyfriend is such a creep that I felt a little ill whenever he made an appearance. But all of that becomes secondary when Daria meets Amanda, who has a little bit of a transparency problem. Amanda is the snarkiest ghost I’ve ever met and after a bit of coaxing, manages to enlist Daria’s help her find out how she died. I don’t want to spoil it for you but let’s just say that Amanda’s death was not accidental.
           Ghostly Justice is an adventurous read. Irwin flawlessly captures the frustration that any ghost probably feels when trapped on this planet with no one to talk to. Daria’s reluctance to get involved with a ghost is palpable through-out the entire story but as it is with most humans, her curiosity gets the best of her. I should also mention that the scenes between Daria and Amanda are pretty hilarious especially when Amanda tries out her persuasion techniques.
I had such a great time with Ghostly Justice and I hope you will too!



  1. Hi Bev and huge congrats on your very soon to be released second novel. I read a short excerpt on another blog and the first chapter and all I can say is that I'm hooked and that I'm looking forwar to reading it all.

  2. You make it sound intriguing, Melissa. Great job to you and to Bev!

  3. Nice review, Melissa! A problem with transparency, LOL. A great way to put it.

    Best of luck, Bev.


  4. Love the review, Melissa. Ghostly Justice sounds awesome! Can't wait to read!