The journey so far...

This above picture is exactly what life feels like. You can kind of see where you're going but not the destination. A good friend of mine, Keith Stevenson, took this picture so all high-fives and kudos belong solely to him. He's a photo-journalist up in northern PA and his talent is insane. However, he has days like the rest of us. Days where nothing seems to be adding up; days where it all seems pointless and unattached; days where you're not sure if what you're doing with your life is the right thing--that perhaps maybe you've been wasting your time all these years. But here's the thing about those of us in this line of work, whether it's photographers, writers, journalists, painters--anyone who creates for a living---doubt is what keeps us guessing. It's what keeps us walking down that unpaved road into a pearl-gray curtain of haziness because even if we do doubt ourselves, we still know enough not to stop. We know enough to keep going. I've had plenty of days like that and I still do. When my young adult novel, TRAFFIC JAM, comes out at the end of May, I'll be plagued with doubt and uncertainty. I'll start sweating, shaking a little, have some kind of meltdown and reach for a bottle of something potent. It's unfortunately part of the process.
But we all get over that hump eventually. The day we start looking at our work and NOT doubting it is the day that we need to close up shop because if you ever think you've reached perfection, you leave yourself closed off to learn anything new.
So in face of doubt and the unknown, carry on, my friends.
Carry on.

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